Pink Samurai / The Story of Ferocious Wind

“If the Pink Samurai were a mosaic it would dazzle with many colours from the warm and deep ones to the cool ones. If it were a castle no two chambers would resemble one another. It would definitely be an impressive place provoking thousands of ideas. The variety of levels of the Samurai offers impressions uncounted, a complex sensorial activation.”
Hana Strejčková, Divadelní noviny

“A concert of dance and music…”
Lucie Hayashi, Taneční aktuality

“Imagination works at full stretch…”
Lenka Kocourková, OperaPlus

Pink Samurai / The Story of Ferocious Wind

What happens when we embark on a journey? And what if we get scared? What if we get lost? A dark epic about the shadows of heroes in modern world. An acrobatic and dance quest to find a hero of today.

We asked three hundred and four children from eleven schools in Prague, Trutnov, Ostrava, Moravská Trebová and Čeladná who their heroes were. They told us their stories, they wrote about them and drew them for us. And all of that gave birth to a single story – the story of the pink samurai, one of the pictures created by the children, and symbolically also the story of ourselves. We dance it, we sing it and we let the dark corners of our souls resonate in hope.

The performance has been supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall, Prague 7 and the National Culture Fund. Co-producer: Uffo Trutnov
Premiere January 21, 2020 at Uffo Trutnov

Writer, choreographer, director: Jana Burkiewiczová
Cooperation on the script: Jiří Macek
Scenic design: Maxim Velčovský
Costume design: Petra Ptáčková
Acrobatic cooperation: Jindřich Panský
Music: Jiří Konvalinka
Songs: Dominik Zezula
Aria composer: Slavo Solovič,
Light design: Robert Palkovič
Photography, video: Vojtěch Veškrna
Animation: Tomáš Luňák, Tomáš Hájek
Graphic design: Martina Černá (Imagery)
Performers: Natalia Metodijeva, Jaro Ondruš, Adam Eduard Orszulik, Michal Toman, Michal Budinský, Dominik Zezula, Libor Kasík / Dagmar Křížová