Burkicom is a leading Czech contemporary physical theatre company founded in 2015 by choreographer Jana Burkiewiczová. Her unique style, enhanced by collaborations with leading Czech designers, brings distinctive contemporary theatre dealing with current sociological issues, dominated by specific movement techniques and artistic concepts. “We dance to say more than just words. We speak to overcome the shadow of a gesture. The image is as important to us as the message. Dance is a flight of the bird of paradise, a cry and an exchange of ideas. By means of theatre, we try to understand the society we live in.” Dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, performers.

Burkicom’s home stage is the industrial space La Fabrika in Prague’s Holešovice, but the company’s productions have also been appreciated by audiences at a number of theatre and dance festivals, from Brno’s Svět divadla and South Korea’s PAMS Seoul, to Indonesian SIPA, German Fringe Recklinghausen and the Dutch ARFF Amsterdam.

Burkicom’s production The Island! was among those nominated for the Theatre of the Year at the 2021 Theatre Critics Awards (formerly the Alfred Radok Awards).

Jana Burkiewiczová (art director, choreographer)
Ivona Szantová (project manager, booking)
Alžbeta Gabrielová (project manager, booking)
Petr Taclík (technical production)
Helena Novotná (PR)

Jiří Macek
Tomáš Luňák
Jiří Konvalinka
Pavla Beranová
Jaroslav Wertig
Maxim Velčovský
Petra Ptáčková
Tereza Rosalie Kladošová
Barbora Procházková
Michaela Karásková
Václav Jirásek
Vojtěch Veškrna
Never Sol
and others.

Dancers, performers:
Helena Ahrenbergerová
Michal Heriban
Jiří Konvalinka
Viktor Konvalinka
Hanna Nusbaumer
Adam Eduard Orszulík
Ariadne Toumbeki
Ifigenia Toumbeki
Veronika Tokoly
Jindřich Panský
Michal Toman
Libor Kasík
Dominik Zezula
a další.

Burkicom productions are made possible thanks to grants from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Prague City Hall, Prague 7 and the State Fund for Culture.
We would also like to thank our partners for their continued support: La Fabrika Praha and Designblok Praha.

Annual report