Audition for new project!

Burkicom is currently seeking professional dancers to join the cast of our upcoming production, set to project-based contract, requiring full participation throughout the rehearsal period and all scheduled per Rehearsal period: 20. – 30. 6. Prague, 31. 7. – 4. 8. Prague, 4. – 16. 8. Holstebro, Denmark (residency), 17. 8. – 7. 9. Prague. Booked performances & bookings to be confirmed: 7. – 9. 10. general rehearsals, 10. + 11. 10. 2024 Prague, premiere.

How to Apply: To apply, please send us the following materials to by 14.3.2024: CV, video material of you dancing/ performing (-max. 2 videos, each no longer than one minute) and a statement, whether you would be available during the above mentioned rehearsal period and performe.
Shortlisted applicants will be invited to audition in person in Prague 17. March 2024.

Save the Date! Bread & Dance Prague 2024

Make a note in your diary of the date of the 2nd edition of Bread & Dance Prague. The international networking platform created on the initiative of the companies BURKICOM, 420PEOPLE, DEKKADANCERS, Farm in the cave and Lenka Vagnerová & Company will take place from November 2 to 7, 2024. We are working on the news and the program of all its parts – the International Market of Dancers, the networking program and of course the showcase with hot new products. Details to follow on the website

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The Island! is nominated for the Divadelní noviny Award!

Diploma Selecton Fashion Shows by Jana Burkiewiczová

After a long time, our favourite discipline again: fashion show choreography. International Diploma Competition, the final set of 15 best, Prague Designblok. Choreography by Jana Burkiewiczová and heaps of great energy. We love it! Fashion designers Denzel Veerkamp, Bryan Borghans, Liselotte Oostra, Matylda Kwiatkowska, Tatjana Haupt etc.

Michal Herban was nominated for the Thalia Award 2022 for The Island!

Although it is a collective choreography, his stage presence is so rich and his acting so strong that his performance etches in your memory.” – they say in the reasoning, and it makes us very happy!

Designblok Awards Gala Dinner designed and directed by Jana Burkiewiczová

For the first time this year, Designblok Awards were presented at a brand new Gala Dinner format by an international jury headed by curator Anne-France Barthelon. The evening for the nominees and distinguished guests, held at the Sacre Coeur Church at Smíchov, was designed and directed by Jana Burkiewiczová and hosted by the hosts – Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek, director and creative director of this largest design and fashion festival in Central Europe – themselves. Over a three-course meal and in the constantly changing space of the illusive forest, eight awards were presented with the assistance of the forest animals, and for us, it was another great collaboration with Designblok. You will find more information about the awards at

The Island! in FullMoon magazine

The 10/22 issue of the FullMoon music magazine is full of dance. Performers and choreographers and contemporary, performance and street dance are presented here, side by side, in a brilliantly comprehensive overview of dance’s contemporary meaning and form. In the online opening article, you can read Maria Pyatkina’s interview with Jana Burkiewiczová, and in the printed version, you can also read interviews with Miřenka Čechová, Václav Kuneš from 420people, and Louise Lecavalier. But most importantly, you will find here a sharp insight into the world of contemporary dance, in which you can also find our The Island!

The premiere of Pink Samurai with a new cast!

We perform this fantasy story inspired by childhood ideas of heroism for the first time with the legend of the Czech and Slovak dance scene Jaro Ondruš and the great French dancer Juliette Jean on 19 & 20 September 2022 at La Fabrica in Prague. You can look forward to a spectacular story with dance, live music, screenings, and circus elements. Make sure to bring your children to experience the magic! The show is suitable for children aged 10+. Photo: Emil Brtnický

A special performance for Designblok

Photographs by Salim Issa, camera by Marek Myšička. Baroque performance for the visual of Designblok 2022 brought a forest to life. Abstract stage elements by duo My dvě, which are used in the performance, serve as the basis for the architecture of the central exhibition of this year’s festival’s edition. Fluid movement, bodies as trees, lizards and bugs, Jana Burkiewiczová as choreographer. We really enjoyed it. Designblok takes place on 5—9 October 2022. Photo: Salim Issa

We were choosing new dancers!

You say audition, but for us it was first of all a great meeting with many interesting people from all over the world. We received over 400 applications and the final audition, which took place at the House of Dance Arts in Braník, Prague, was just great. Together with Dekkadancers, 420 People, and Prague Chamber Ballet we enjoyed the energy with which the dancers went through the audition. We would love to work with each one of them. You will meet some of them in the autumn when we stage new performances of The Pink Samurai and The Island.

The Island at the Theatre World Brno festival!

This is how we ended this year’s season: with the performance of the Island at the Janáček Theatre at the Theatre World festival in Brno. It was wonderful and we can’t wait for the sequel. We start the season with The Island on 16 September in České Budějovice, followed by The Pink Samurai in Prague on 19 September. Photo: Marek Olbrzymek

Jana Burkiewiczová's performance opened Art Design Fashion Days at the Moravian Gallery

First, women’s educational association Vesna found a second home in the courtyard of the Moravian Gallery in Brno for its Wardrobe for Refugees, an incredible place to meet and help, then a small group of women began to work with Liběna Rochová, resurrecting second-hand clothes, which resulted in an amazing series of garments. At the end, their authors stand in front of the visitors and tell them stories. About joy, fashion, longing and sadness. About home. UA clothing happening directed by Jana Burkiewiczová. A touch of ordinary humanity. Performance. All in all, a great story. Photo: Kiva

Jana Burkiewiczová in Dolce Vita magazine

An interview with Vladan Šír and a dive into the private zone of the choreographer and founder of Burkicom, as pictured by photographer Karin Zadrick.

The Island! is among the five best productions of 2021 at the Theatre Critics Awards!
The production of The Island! was one of the top five productions of 2021 at the 2021 Theatre Critics Awards and the highest-rated dance production in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, Iphigenia and Ariadne Toumbeki were nominated for Best Actress, Jaroslav Wertig for Stage Design and Jiří Konvalinka for Music. Burkicom also received 3 nominations/votes for Theatre of the Year 2021.
Czech Grand Design Awards directed by Jana Burkiewiczová

After a two-year gap, the Czech Grand Design Awards took again place in the large hall of the Music Theatre in Karlín in the presence of the cameras of ČT art, guests and all the nominees of the most prestigious Czech design awards. The ceremony took place on the flamingo stage by set designer Lucie Škandíková and was hosted by Jiří Konvalinka and Jan Vejražka aka Mutanti hledaj východisko, dressed in costumes by Marek Cpín. Everything kept changing, intertwining and dancing as directed by Jana Burkiewiczová. The presentation of eight awards in eight categories culminated by fashion designer Liběna Rochová’s introduction in the Hall of Fame.

Let’s talk
about hunger
and wealth.
Let’s shout,
be bold
and not be
The Island!