Jana Burkiewiczová

“When I am deeply interested in a topic, or when it bothers me, working it out is my way of dealing with it, of learning more about it, of finding a way out. But in my performances, I don’t try to find answers, I rather ask questions. It’s my way of understanding the world.”

Jana Burkiewiczová, a graduate of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, choreographer, director, and founder of the Burkicom ensemble, has choreographed numerous works for leading Czech theatre companies, including the National Theatre Opera in Prague. She has also choreographed a number of productions for Czech Television as well as major social events (e.g. Designblok Prague, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Czech Grand Design Awards). Since 2015, she has desiccated her time mainly to her own projects, both in her Burkicom production and for other productions (e.g., Losers Cirque Company, and DOT504). Although the initial means of her work are based on the connection between contemporary dance, physical theatre, and new circus, she often freely crosses their boundaries in the direction of the original dramatic form. Her unique style, enhanced by her collaboration with leading Czech designers, brings a distinctive contemporary theatre discussing current sociological issues, characterized by specific movement techniques and visual concepts.


Český rozhlas / Vltava


Taneční aktuality

Divadelní noviny

Reflection on work:

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