“In the processing of Ikaria, I base my work mainly on the mythological sense of the word – a place full of joy, happiness and harmony. In the context of today’s times, I create a somewhat fanciful image of it, a utopian perfectly functioning mechanism. And then I let another emotional level, a mistake, enter into it. Something that was not foreseen in the perfect utopian ideal. We try to fix it, but what if the mistake is ourselves?”
Jana Burkiewiczová




A generic dance construction inspired by Zdeněk Liška’s music for the film Ikaria XB1.

We follow a set formula with a clearly defined goal. The best of us have chosen the path, the promised paradise, wealth and eternity. But somewhere inside us, the human heart still beats.

Concept, choreography: Jana Burkiewiczová
Assistent choreographer: Paulina Šmatláková
Music: Zdeněk Liška, Jiří Konvalinka
Scenography: Jaroslav Wertig
Costumes: Petra Vlachynská
Light design: Daniel Tesař
Directing projections: Tomáš Luňák
Animation: Tomáš Hájek
Yu Matsumoto / Rita Pires / Shino Sakurado,
Natalia Adamska / Laura Moreno Gasulla
Eleonora Ancona / Shino Sakurado
Leonardo Baghin / Bernardo Costa / Solieh Samudio
Alessio Corallo / Francesco Fasano
Aurora Donadiós / Dorottya Fanni Lengyel
Hugo Fraresso / Federico Labate / Patryk Zamojski
Ida Frau / Gene David Goodman
Simone Giroletti / Edgar Mateo Navarro
Mark Griffiths / Hannah Lukey
Viola Izzo / Diana Ribeiro Brandão

The performance was created as part of the Bohemia Rhapsody project of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre Ballet in Ostrava. The premiere on 11 April 2024, Jiří Myron Theatre, Ostrava.