The Biggest Wish

“Impressive stage effects (…) dance theatre at its most spectacular.”
Jana Návratová, ČRo Vltava

“The contemporary world reflected through art and vice versa … a new romanticism for modern times.”
Vladimír Hulec, ČT Art, Art Zona

“A state of utter happiness.”
Markéta Faustová, Opera+

The Biggest Wish

An ironic take on what makes us happy. It is a monstrously beautiful fusion of ballet, dance and cabaret.
What’s the most we can achieve? What do we long for and what’s left once our dreams have come true? Is there an ultimate longing we all share? And do we really want our wishes to come true or are we just wishful thinkers? 

Production by Burki&com with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, Prague 7, Život umělce foundation, Cirqeuon and Vitra. Premiere on November 13, 2018 in La Fabrika theatre in Prague.

“A wish is the most personal expression of our inner world. But it’s also something that the cold mechanics of contemporary society prey on. Politicians, commercials, brands, hoaxes – they all manipulate our innermost desires and fears. We’ve begun to lose sight of the difference between what we really want and what’s foisted on us. So our idea was to confront this ‘myth of desire’, to provide a more grounded perspective on what truly drives our actions.”
Jana Burkiewiczová

Choreographer/director: Jana Burkiewiczová
Libretto: Jana Burkiewiczová, Jiří Macek
Music: Mutanti hledaj východisko
Set/costume designer: Tereza Rosalie Kladošová, Anna Štěpánková
Performers: Markéta Jandová, Jiří Konvalinka, Jakub Sedláček, Eva Stará, Filip Staněk, Jan Vejražka