A Few Words on Uncertainty

Dance movie about fear and desire

A Few Words On Uncertainty is a dance film by choreographer Jana Burkiewiczová and photographer Michaela Karásková. It is a spectral probe under the surface of time that has stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Seven minutes filled with intensive images of longing and fear. “For months we have been living in a twilight period in which uncertainty has become part of our lives. The times are hindering boldness, and that hurts, loneliness is changing the times, and it is not us, but the rules of fear, that change the plot.” The film was created with the support of the Czech ministry of Culture.
Premiere: 24. 12. 2020 Dance Film Festival, Prague

Script: Jana Burkiewiczová, Michaela Karásková
Director, choreographer: Jana Burkiewiczová
Camera: Michaela Karásková
Editor: Rozálie Vašíčková
Music: Jiří Konvalinka
Sound: Viktor Ekrt
Performers: Jana Burkiewiczová, Hanna Nussbaumer, Viktor Konvalinka, Ondřej Vinklát, Jindřich Panský, Eduard Adam Orszulik, Michal Toman, Meda Karásková, Mikuláš Macek