Do you sometimes view things in a different way to others? Can you see better with your eyes closed? You’re not the only one. In Najděte ostatní! (Find the Others!), a new show by Jana Burkiewiczová, pinnipeds and space cowboys guide you through cyberspace. Produced by DOT504, the show is inspired by the true story of a five-year-old boy who took half a day to walk home from his local preschool. Audiences can look forward to dance, visual tricks by illustrator Maria Makeeva and music by Sára Vondrášková / Never Sol. Najděte ostatní! plays at La Fabrika Theatre and opens on June 1st.

Hot Shots

The splendid male astrapia builds his tiny palace from sticks and his own feathers in tall treetops in front of which he later dances with his wings up. Fighters from the Enga Province adorn their hair with his varicoloured plumage. Stretching out in front of us, the wilds reflect our inner feelings. Unpredictable, without clear outlines or paths, totally indifferent to the theme and meaning we have chosen. It’s getting dark. Divočina, marnivost ptačích per is about to start…

splendid astrapia
bottles of slivovitz

Find the Others!

Inspired by cyberspace and the true story of a five-year-old boy who took half a day to walk home from his local preschool, this is a cyberpunk fairytale directed and...

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