“A wish is the most personal expression of our inner world. But it’s also something that the cold mechanics of contemporary society prey on. Politicians, commercials, brands, hoaxes – they all manipulate our innermost desires and fears. We’ve begun to lose sight of the difference between what we really want and what’s foisted on us. So our idea was to confront this ‘myth of desire’, to provide a more grounded perspective on what truly drives our actions,” says choreographer Jana Burkiewiczová.Running at La Fabrika in Holešovice,Our Biggest Wishis a cabaret-style production featuring scenes and sketches with live music by Mutanti hledaj východisko. A wish can become a symbol but also a game and it can lead us down the road to damnation. We’re led to believe that through themysterious fulfilment of desire, we reach a state of happiness. But do we really? Let the audience decide.

Hot Shots

This is our take on an amazing real-life story. How a polar bear drifted from Greenland to Iceland on an ice floe only to be shot upon arriving. Exploring this bizarre tale from various angles,The Bear Who Floated on Iceis about humanity, courage, compassion and love. Performing it has taught us many things. In fact the more we’ve done it, the more it’s become about us and about love. As if we the performers now drift on ice ourselves and we’ve realised something. That may also be the reason why we perform the Bearso rarely! Because he bites.

polar bears

The Biggest Wish

We all want our biggest wishes to come true. We’re looking for happiness. Our new production presents an ironic take on what makes us happy. It is a monstrously beautiful...

Find the Others!

Inspired by cyberspace and the true story of a five-year-old boy who took half a day to walk home from his local preschool, this is a cyberpunk fairytale directed and...