Inspired by cyberspace and the true story of a five-year-old boy who took half a day to walk home from his local preschool, this is a cyberpunk fairytale directed and choreographed by Jana Burkiewiczová. “The whales are so close you can touch them. In this production, drawings and imagination do the dancing”.

Concept, direction, choreography: Jana Burkiewiczová / burki&com, Script: Jiří Macek, Music: Sára Vondrášková / Never Sol, Projection: Maria Makeeva, Set & costume design: Veronika Jiroušková, Set & lighting design: Dáda Němeček, Cast: Maria Makeeva, Simona Machovičová, Pavel Mašek, Jindřich Panský, Jakub Sedláček, Photography: Bára Prášilová, Graphic design: Martina Černá / Imagery, Producer: DOT504

Opens June 1st, 2017 at La Fabrika Theatre, Prague

“I’m fascinated by the stories children tell – there’s no beginning or end. Children unconsciously combine their own experiences with fragments of disarranged stories from fairy tales and computer games. They instinctively and imaginatively explore the boundaries of the known world and what lies beyond, much like the first conquerors of Cyberia and the great physicists. This yearning was perhaps best described by Timothy Leary, one of the leading cyberian philosophers: “When you think that everything’s different from what others are telling you, act upon your feelings and find those who see it the same way you do. You’re definitely not alone.”
Jana Burkiewiczová

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