“I often imagine a square full of people and try to focus on each one. How do they move? Where are they headed? I then add sound to the story that emerges and play around with the images. Imagining these kinds of scenarios wherever I am is a labour of love. I want to understand the point of our endeavours, find the meaning behind seemingly trivial events. And finally let all that motion – the natural sway of life – evolve through music and the imagination. For me, a story always starts with a gesture or an image.”

A graduate of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, she has choreographed two iconic theatre productions – the opera Don Giovanni (directed by Skutr, National Theatre, Prague, 2012) and the musical Mowgli (directed by Skutr, Kalich Theatre, Prague, 2013). In 2015, she founded burki&com, an ensemble that explores topical themes through a contemporary approach to theatre. Combining contemporary dance, physical theatre, contemporary circus and acrobatics with stage installations and text, her original productions involve actors, dancers, artists, architects, designers and leading figures from the independent music scene. In 2015, she choreographed Walls & Handbags, a production for Losers Cirque Company which won the Divadelní noviny Award for Dance and Motion Theatre and Divočina, marnivost ptačích per (The Wilds: The Vanity of Plumage) in which she explored, through a collage of motion, text and visual images, contemporary society and human interaction with nature. In 2017, Jana Burkiewiczová choreographed Najděte ostatní! (Find the Others!) for DOT504, an experimental production for children about imagination and the world around us. This was followed by O medvědovi, který plul na kře (The Bear Who Floated on Ice), a production by Burki&com. Her latest show, Our Biggest Wish, explores how easily our desires can be manipulated. Jana has a keen interest in creating projects that fuse theatre with fine art, fashion and design – whether through her original work or collaborations with other companies. A teacher of contemporary dance at Dance Perfect Studio in Prague, Jana also gives regular lectures and workshops.