Established in 1999, Designblok is the most important design festival in Central Europe. This exclusive annual festival of original design presents the latest products from the field of Czech and international design. Participants include over 200 of the most prominent producers, stores, designers, fashion designers, galleries and school studios from all over the world. Fashion shows from leading Czech fashion designers and guests from abroad are an integral part of Designblok Prague Design & Fashion Week – all of which have been choreographed by Jana Burkiewiczová since 2010. She has choreographed fashion shows by Hana Zárubová, Liběna Rochová, Klára Nademlýnská, Monika Drápalová, Denisa Nová and respected designers from abroad, including A.F.Vandevorst (Belgium), Roberto Etxeberria (Spain) and upcoming stars Henriette Tilanus, Bastien Visch, Sinnige Wieke and Hocheol Moon. Jana is also choreographer of the festival’s main event – the Designblok Gala.

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